2019 Halfjaarcijfers

RSA Group


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  • Winst uit verzekeringen £153m. (H1 2018: £171m)
  • Netto geschreven premie (‘NWP’) £3,254m. een stijging van 1% t.o.v. H1 2018
  • Group combined ratio 95.2%: Scandinavië 89.1%, Canada 97.8% en UK & International 96.1%.
  • Exclusief afgestoten portfolio’s in UK & International, een Group combined ratio van 94,3% (UK & International 94%)

Stephen Hester, RSA Group Chief Executive, commented:

“RSA is reporting a solid first half 2019. Particularly pleasing is the improvement in current year underwriting results,  which represent our best first half in the last 10 years1. Our Personal Lines business continues to drive this performance.
While the full earned effect of underwriting, pricing and portfolio changes will show next year, at this stage we are on or ahead of schedule in each region for those planned actions. There are some headwinds from lower bond yields and weaker prior year development and we have more to do in many areas. Nevertheless, we expect to make continued progress overall.”